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Damp Proofing Northern Ireland

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damp proofing northern ireland
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woodworm northern ireland

Isolated corroded wall tie and installed stainless steel remedial wall tie

damp proofing northern ireland

Cavity Wall Tie Inspection and Replacement


Why are cavity wall ties important?

Wall ties are important as they tie the inner and outer brick walls of cavity constructed properties together. Wall ties are vital to prevent movement of the structure.


Damaged Cavity Wall Ties

Cavity wall tie damage occurs due to corrosion of the wall tie which is usually evidenced by the appearance of horizontal cracking along the lines of the mortar beds in the walls. Cracks caused by wall tie corrosion usually appear on the external walls but can also appear internally. It is important to carry out a cavity wall tie survey as soon as wall tie damage or corrosion is suspected.


Cavity Wall Tie Surveys

Wall tie surveys are carried out by our PCA approved CSRT surveyors using specialist wall tie inspection optical borescope equipment. It is vital that wall tie inspections are conducted as soon as wall tie damage is suspected to prevent further structural damage to the property.


Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

Real Damp Solutions can replace damaged or corroded wall ties following a wall tie inspection and isolate original wall ties to prevent further structural damage to your property.



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