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Woodworm Treatment

What is Woodworm?

Woodworm is a general term for all wood boring insects that can cause infestation of timbers. Woodworm (woodboring insects) come in a variety of shapes and sizes and attack a wide variety of timbers. Woodworm can attack at various times throughout the year under the correct conditions. Woodworm can cause serious structural damage to properties, therefore it is important to conduct a woodworm survey as soon as woodworm infestation is suspected.


How is woodworm treated?

Some woodworm do not require chemical treatment while others do. The woodworm treatments include ‘Brush Woodworm Treatment’, ‘Spray Woodworm Treatment’ and other specialist woodworm treatment methods which are employed by our PCA registered contractors and technicians.


Woodworm Surveys

Real Damp Solutions can carry out a woodworm survey to determine the correct method of woodworm treatment applicable for your property. For your peace of mind woodworm surveys are carried out by PCA Approved CSRT Surveyors and woodworm treatments are carried by PCA Qualified Technicians. It is important to conduct a woodworm survey as soon as woodworm infestation is expected.


Woodworm Treatments

Real Damp Solutions will only conduct woodworm treatments after conducting a woodworm survey to timbers showing evidence of active infestation of woodworm or timbers at risk of woodworm infestation.


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